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urinary incontinence

Posted by @attorney in Kidney & Bladder, Aug 21, 2012

I am having frequent urination problem. It seems the bladder is not emptying & I have to keep going. UTI is negative. Ultrasound was done & reports are awaited. I am worried, has anyone else experience similar symptoms.


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 22, 2012

There are times when a person has to pee what seems like every 15 minutes to a half hour...what's worse is when this happens at night! 🙂 This can go on for hours. It doesn't mean that anything is necessarily wrong, however. A nutrionist told me that one of the causes could be a combition of what you ate with supplements of any kind and it simply produces much more urine than usual.
I don't know if you are limited on salt intake -- but if you have a day in which you have little or almost no salt in certain foods, your body will start releasing 'stored up water' even though it is not edema-related.
If you are female you might have the start of a prolapsed uterus which gets in the way of complete bladder emptying. Anyway, I'm glad you had the ultra sound done. Good luck to you and let us know!


Posted by @attorney, Aug 23, 2012

My ultrasound was clear. I still have symptoms, though not as aggressive as before. Now I am referred to a urologist. May be he will be able to point about prolapsed uterus if that is the case. If anyone else has suffered similar symptoms, please respond what was your diagnosis & treatment?


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 23, 2012

Hi, I just want to say I'm very glad your ultra sound was clear! That's very good news.

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Posted by @attorney, Aug 23, 2012

Thank you.


Posted by @yodaforever, Dec 4, 2012

I have the exact same issue. In 38 and this started for me when I was 36. I have had 2 ultrasounds, both confirmed my bladder is not emptying. I have had one damn painful cystoscopy where bladder and prostate were normal, but the doc found a constriction at the opening of my penis. He said that might be the issue. Flash forward to today, nine months have passed and was given a medial stick to shove up there every night, stick pee profusely durning the day and at least once at night no matter how little I drink, nothing works. Going for a 2nd cystoscopy on feb 5 2013 for an update.

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