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urge to urinate constantly

Posted by @toya, Feb 24, 2012

After my sinus surgery seven months ago, I developed this problem. I feel like I have to urinate all day long. I have seen two doctors and I have taken every medicine on the market, but nothing helps. Does any one out there have the same symptoms? Any ideas? Please help.



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Posted by @zumac, Jun 14, 2012

Due to Lithium intoxication, I have developed kidney failure, which causes urinary incontinence. If it’s any comfort to you, I too have the urge to urinate constantly. I wear am adult diaper which helps with the dribbles, but nevertheless, I have to “go” very often. It’s embarrassing when I go out to a restaurant or visit friends, and have to get up to go to the bathroom several times.
Do you wear adult diapers?
Have you consulted an urologist or a nephrologist?
Good luck….. Zumac

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