urethral stricture and surgery

Posted by lmcinturf5295 @lmcinturf5295, Oct 11, 2011

My son is having trouble urinating and has been diagnosed with a urethral stricture. Surgery is probably going to be necessary and we are wanting to talk to anyone who has had this done and has had a positive outcome. We are scared and need advice. He is 38 years old.

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Gosh, this is what I have and the doctor hasn't a clue as what to do. My urethral stricture is on the right side it closes and then all my uric acid stones start hurting instead of passing through. Go to hospital he puts in a stent which I hate it hurts so bad then he takes it out a few days later after the cystoscopy then alright for a month or so then again same stuff over and over and over again. He talked about surgery but he said it would hurt too much. I am a female age 69 in a few weeks. Please let me know what your son's doctor is going to do so I can tell my doctor. Hope all is well. The doctors here in Elgin IL don't know squat. Need help.


I'm 38 as well and was diagnosed with urethral stricture at the age of 37 by a bloody painful cystoscopy. The stricture is at the tip of my penis going 2 inches deep. He gave me a plastic stick to use every night to shove up there. He says it should open in a year. Its been 9 months with no improvement. When I urinate, 2 streams come out. But the main issue is that my bladder will not fully empty causing me to wake up in the middle of the night. Has anyone had surgery for this? Has anyone tried anything else?

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