Upgraded from bi-rads 2 to bi-rads 3 at 6 month follow up

Posted by mj702 @mj702, Apr 19 8:52am

39 f experiencing left breast pain and can feel a lump. US & mammogram, 10/23, say BI-RADS 2. Multiple benign-appearing cysts, largest 3cm. Not sure why I was told to follow up in 6 months given those findings, but most recent US now list numerous scattered cysts measuring up to 20 mm. The three main cysts from October are stable in size but are now classified as complicated cysts and it’s listed as BI-RADS 3.

My paternal side of the family has a history of BC so I’m worried about the upgrade to BI-RADS 3 and wondering if I should push for the biopsy as opposed to waiting and repeating ultrasound in 6 months.

Has anyone had experience with your BI-RADS being upgraded and it still being nothing?

Appreciate any insight and experiences.

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I wonder if a doctor would agree to a biopsy just for peace of mind. The percentage of cancer with Bi-Rads three is so low, but if it is worrisome to keep checking and waiting, maybe a doctor will look into it for you further.


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@mj702, you're aslomg good questions that deserve answers so that you can understand the approach, feel comfortable with the monitoring plan or determine that you wish to reassess it. Are you able to make an appointment to get clarification and to get your concerns addressed?


With so much visible on US, have you considered pressing for a breast MRI with contrast, especially given family history? It is increasingly becoming standard of care.

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