Unusual Bruising

Posted by deborah67 @deborah67, Mar 23, 2023

Hi my husband notice alot of bruises on both sides of my body, where I never hit anything or had them before. Some where large and the smallest was 3 inch in diameter. I had some blood tests one showed I am anemic, though my iron, b12, and hemoglobin are fine. I have wbc's in my urine though I do not have a UTI. My creatine is high also. I am getting sent for a CT scan of my chest and abdomen. A mammogram and a colonoscopy. I also had 5 swollen lymp nodes under my right arm, and am pretty tired a lot. also my rdw was low also. I am worried this could be cancer, because getting unusual bruising is not a good sign.

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Hi @deborah67 You’ve certainly been through the wringer lately with unexplained symptoms. It’s reassuring that you’re having some labs and tests done because I think, where we left off talking a few weeks ago, you were experiencing episodes of extreme exhaustion. Some of your symptoms can be may be related to anemia but your doctor is doing the right thing in trying to get to the ‘why’…

It’s human nature for us to feel anxious when we’re waiting for test results. I’ve been there too. But I also found out that most of the time, what I worried about never actually happened. On the other side of that equation, when I least expected it, I was diagnosed with a very serious and aggressive form of cancer. And yet, here I am 4 years later, in a durable remission and feeling as though nothing ever happened. So, even though you’re worried this could be cancer, treatments can return your life to normal.

Try to stay positive while your doctors are doing their best to determine what’s causing your symptoms. Don’t fear the diagnosis, because with as awful as you’ve been feeling for quite some time, there could be the opportunity to have treatments and feel like your healthy self again.

When are you scheduled for your CT imaging?


I received the catscan referrals email on Monday. It will take a while to get in, I am sure. I wonder how you can have anemia when your b12 hemoglobin and other blood tests are fine though?

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