Unknown Illness, possibly West Nile or autoimmune disease

Posted by unkown @unkown, Nov 15, 2021

Hello, my friend is in the hospital with an unknown illness, test have shown an elevated liver enzyme (unsure which one). He appeared with a fever for a few days, rashes on his body, black and purple gums/ lesions and lesions down his esophagus. On high doses of anti fungal, anti inflammatory, and anti bacterial. The doctors think it could possible West Nile virus or some sort of infection or possible an auto immune disorder. All test have shown nothing at this point. Looking for any possible ideas.

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Hi @unknown, welcome. I can see you are worried for your friend. It is so stressful when something is clearly wrong, but tests are not clearly showing what it might be. I've added this discussion to the Autoimmune Diseases group and the Infectious Diseases group in case members have some suggestions. Naturally, as fellow patients were not qualified to give a diagnosis, but we might be able to help you figure out what questions to ask or things to consider.

What specialists has your friend seen?

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