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Unknown Health Problem? Help?

Posted by @heidianne, Sep 13, 2013

Hi, I have been going through some health problems the past year and they don’t seem to get better, i’ve been in and out of the doctors office for almost a year now. I am now 21 years old, last year when i was 20 i was randomly diagnosed with high blood pressure, around 150/130 pulse:120. 2 days later My doctor wanted me to see a cardiologist so i did, i had an ekg done, it came back abnormal, she did an echo and told me that she would have someone look at it and get back to me within the week. I got a call 2 hours after the appointment from my regular physician, she told me that i had elevated s & t levels and severe heart palputations in my heart, she told me to not drive, but get taken to the nearest hospital or emergency room or call an ambulance asap, my sister drove me to the hospital around the corner, i was immediately taken in the back and put onto a gurney with an iv and blood pressure cuff and had the heart electrodes placed on me for monitoring, i was taken by ambulance to the hospital and spent two days there. I was blood tested and they found out that i had extremely low potassium and severe high blood pressure, i was given shots of potassium in the hospital, prescribed 25mgs of atenolol a day and was sent on my way. My blood pressure has still not gotten under control. I had a stress test done that came back normal so i just continued to monitor my blood pressure and take my medication. i found out 7 weeks ago that i have protein in my urine so i was sent to a kidney doctor, she told me that the average person releases 100-200 mgs of protein in their urine a day, i was releasing 1000 mgs. She prescribed me 2.5mgs of lisinipril once a day for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks she said that she wanted me to be blood tested again and see where my levels were at. I went in 2 days ago, she said my previous blood test showed i now have severely low vitamin d. In a few days she will let me know if i need a biopsy or not of my kidney, she did say that she believed i would and to let her know if its something i would like to do and she discussed the procedure with me. she also doubled my atenolol to 50mgs and my lisinipril to 5mgs twice daily each because my blood pressure was 147/91, pulse: 111. I just turned 21 years old, i weigh 109 lbs, im 5’6. I keep losing weight and am now starting to lose some of my hair, im always tired, i cant stand very long, i cant stand in the heat, i get dizzy very easily, i just don’t know what is going on and i was wondering if anyone knew anything that could cause something like this to happen? I was going to regular doctor appointments, i never had high blood pressure until that one day and since then its been nothing but high. I found out last year as well that i have an rh factor in my blood so i miscarried two children & had a dnc. I dont know if that has anything to do with why im getting sicker… im reaching at straws just as my doctors are. they have tested me for lupos, thyroid cancer, clots in my heart, i valley fever, diabetes, i have had my heart and kidney vessels checked and so on so forth, all negative and came back fine. They don’t know why i have high blood pressure this young and with my apparent good health, and they dont understand how my kidneys are now damaged when i havent even had high blood pressure for a year. If anyone can help me at all with any type of possible condition or test i should research and try, i would really appreciate it. Thank You.


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