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Unidentified connective tissue disease

Posted by @lynnday, Dec 9, 2012

Hello, I am new to the site! I was given the news about 6 months ago that I have unidentified connective tissue disease! I have classic symptoms of fatigue, pain, sickness, swollen limbs, dry mouth, headache ugh the list is endless! There is not a lot of information on this awful and sometimes debilitating disease! I was wondering if anyone could help me out! I’m not sure what the difference between lupus and what I have is? If you ask me I think what I have is a form of lupus but because it does not show up in my blood work my dr, can not give me a positive diagnose of having lupus! I should mention my ANA is very high and continues to stay that way! I’m on plaqunle and some other meds for my brain fog! But I think I’m at a pointe that the meds have done all they can! I’m still tired I get dizzy shortness of breath! I can hardly make it through my workouts! I feel as I’d I’m trapped inside my body! Can anyone help explain this disease to me?


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