Unidentified abdominal pain

Posted by singlemom86 @singlemom86, Sep 18, 2021

I wasnt sure where to ask this, but I've had severe abdominal pain for 16 years. Pain radiating from my back all the way around and sharp upper right abdomen pain. Lasted a few hours-a day for 16 years a couple times a year. Then recently i had an episode that went off and on for two weeks straight. Now when it happens theres pressure all around my abdomen and back, and sharp pains randomly around my torso, no sharp pain felt when they push on my abdomen, all blood and urine tests good, xray and ultrasound show nothing. Doesnt seem to be linked to eating seems to happen at random. Anyone experienced anything like this?

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That is so interesting, I have had right flank pain and stomach pains almost like toothache for months.
Doctor ordered an ultra sound of my abdomen nothing, CT nothing. It was so bad that I went to ER they did blood tests, CT and urine tests, nothing. The doctor said maybe it was internal shingles and put me on prednisone. Helped for a few days then it came back.
I knew it wasn’t shingles because I have had them before. So I went to my oncologist his response was that all the tests looked good and I should get my chest CT in September and see my general practitioner or I may have strained my side. Yesterday I went to my gynecologist oncologist after pressing on my abdomen she has decided to order an MRI of my pelvis and abdomen. I have spoken to a couple of friends who said they have flank pain also. It’s insane.

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See I've been to the hospital multiple times for this pain. Everytime my liapse levels have been different. I know they fluctuate but its literally gone in this pattern. First time it was 79, 2nd time it was 130, 3rd time it dropped down to 70, 4th time it spiked to 388, and now its back to 29. Im wondering if it is pancreatitis. They have found blood in my urine everytime I've had a urine teat done, but the urologist said that my bladder and kidneys are great. I just went to my OB today and my testosterone levels have been elevated they did find some follicles in my ovaries but shes pretty certain thats not the cause of the pain. This has been going on and off for years right before my period would begin but now its constant, and the pain is excruciating in the early morning. There are no signs of any stones and my gallbladder and pancreas seem to be okay. I'm just puzzled.


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Are you on any long term medications to help with the pain?

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They have prescribed me multiple pain medications such as Naproxen, Ibuprofen, tramadol, tylenol and codeine, motrion, and even hydrocodone. None of them help or get me any pain relief.

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