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undiagnosed shortness of breath, tightness in throat, fatigue

Posted by @dwh, May 25, 2012

I am gasping for breath with any exertion: showering, walking, especially up stairs, and sometimes I get out of breath just from talking for more than a couple minutes. I am 49 and have been gradually getting worse for last 3 years. My throat sometimes feels constricted and gets sore, along with shortness of breath, when I talk. Never smoked. Haven’t been out of the country. I’ve had numerous tests, all normal: heart cath, lung scans, allergy tests, neurological, MRI, thyroid, endoscopy, chest x-rays, diaphragm radiology, and countless blood tests. I’ve had 2nd and 3rd opinions on many of these. Still no answers. I can’t work full-time, and some days not at all.



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Posted by @monicaj, Jun 14, 2012

Have you worked with any chemicals? Have you ever suffered from smoke inhalation or drowning of any type? Have they checked for asthma?


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Posted by @dmarie, Jun 14, 2012

Has Tracheal Stenosis been ruled out? I have the same symptoms you mention; it is frightening and perplexing. Eleven years ago I was on life support. I have never smoked anything. I was a vocalist (not anymore) and find that I must sleep with my neck extended. My pulmonologist really just ignored my symptoms. I changed doctors immediately. My new dr. ordered a pulmonary function text which he felt was sufficient to diagnose the possibility of TS. He referred me to an ENT who went through my nose to look down my airway. (NOT an Endoscopy). He could see that my trachea had narrowed by 60+%. We live in a nice size city but he thought it would be in my best interest to go to a large diagnostic center, Cleveland Clinic. We have sent my records and are now waiting for their team which consists of a Thoracic surgeon, Interventional Pulmonologist and an ENT to evaluate my situation. They have an RN who contacts the patients and she is very pleasant and most helpful. I was to the point of thinking this is going to end my iife before they figure it out. Cleveland Clinic is at the top for lung transplants and this is an area of their expertise. Sorry this is so long….best wishes DWH…hope you get answers very quickly.

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