Undiagnosed loss of consciousness with repeated trips to hospital.

Posted by mmaayyoo @mmaayyoo, Feb 17, 2022

65 yr. old white male
25 year ago I started dropping things from my right hand. My right arm would hang loose with no pain or numbness. Only happened two or three times.
Later my entire right side was affected. I imagine it might have been a TIA only happened two or three times I went to the local hospital and they weren't concerned.
Moved to a new town with a small rural hospital and now the problem has moved to my entire body. I would lose conscience and was taken to the er and put and put in bed. I would wake up and leave. The hospital used information I gave a primary care doctor three years earlier and pasted on an 'emergency room report'. Before I was allowed to leaver the er I was forced to sign a consent to treat form under duress or I would not be released from the er.
That happened five time so far.

Moving on, this did happen to me when in another county while visiting a relative at a hospice.
Feeling fine and then I knew it was coming again. So I slowed down and a worker at the hospice asked me if I was alright.

I told her I just needed to sit down.

That's the last thing I remember until I woke up in a hospital bed. There was a neurologist asking what happened?

He said he has never seen thing like this in his experience but after four days of trying to find the cause I had to return home.

I surrendered my driver license because it was no longer safe for me to drive.

It would be nice if I could to check into a teaching hospital like UCLA and find out what's wrong but I don't have the right insurance.

Somehow, I need to find out what's wrong.

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Hello @mmaayyoo and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have been living with this for so long and I can imagine that as it has progressed, your desire to get answers grows. I think you are right that a teaching/research hospital is the right place for your complex case. It sounds as though you've perhaps tried to get into UCLA without any luck, is that right?

If so, it still may be worth reaching out to other hospitals as each likely has a different set of insurance compatibility. If you are interested in exploring Mayo Clinic at one of the three locations in AZ, MN, and FL you can use this link to start the process and see if your insurance is compatible: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Do you live closer to AZ, MN or FL?

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