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underactive thyroid?

Posted by @lad5144 in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Aug 6, 2012

I'm wondering if there's any chance I have a thyroid problem. There have not been any dramatic changes as of late but my whole life I have been cold, had low energy, very very dry skin and dry hair, trouble losing weight despite very healthy diet and active lifestyle, my nails have vertical ridges (not sure thats related), foggy-headedness (which im noticing now more than ever as a recent college grad starting a new 9-5 job). I feel I need to sleep more than other people just to feel normal. I can be irritable more than I would like/more than other people/without explanation. I also have a terrible memory. As of late I've also noticed decreased libido. Before I went on birth control I had abnormal periods.

I am 22, caucasian, otherwise healthy (as far as I know), and last time I gave blood the redcross put my iron at 12.6.

Many of the stories I've read of people with hypothyroidism or otherwise underactive thyroids experienced sudden changes such as weight gain. I have not had those but I have had these other symptoms for as long as I can remember. My mother is the same way. A friend of mine was tested even though she showed no symptoms because her mother and sister both had it and she was found to have it also.

I had my hormone levels tested for this once, and the doctor said they seemed normal but to come back for another test in 6 weeks.I regretfully failed to follow up. Please help! I am sick of being tired all the time and cold and constantly struggling to be focused and energetic and truly living life!!

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Posted by @d3marieh, Aug 11, 2012

I had the same exact problems starting in my 20's..I'm 51 now and still have the same problems, except suffer with extreme dryness of eyes now with all the rest. I have thought all along it was a thyroid problem but doctos over the years do my bloodwork and say it's not my thyroid, not my adrenals. Could it be pituatary (spelling?) problems? I as you just have given up. One doctor told me IF you take thyroid med but your body doesn't really need it you can damage your thryoid. IF you find out what is wrong please let me know. I did see on the evening news last year a woman who said she had a tumor on her pituary..they went through her nasal passages to remove it. She had alot of the same symptoms we list.


Posted by @mybeau12, Aug 12, 2012

That's exactly what it sounds like. A Puitary Tumor, how i know ? because I was just diagnose with one, same symptons, get a MRI to find out. It controls your Hormones, puts pressure on your optic nerve, that is why you can't see, everything's foggy, eye's start to burn after a while...etc.... I can go on & on. I just went in one day to get blood work, ya know just to find out my stats, cholesteral, bloodsugar, you know things like that, and my prolatin levels came back High, my doctor ordered a MRI, and it was discoverd I have a tumor inside my Puitary Gland....Get Check out

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Posted by @d3marieh, Aug 12, 2012

Did you have to go to any type of specialist to get the diagnosis? I had bloodwork once and my prolatin level was high...but I guess my doctor (he was young) didn't know what to look for or what he was looking at...he sent me to a rheumtologist and he said I had a high sed rate..but didn't know anything either...duh. Are they going to have surgery on yours or do you take med's of some type? Yes, my eyes are sooo dry, burn, itch. I've tried restatis and eye plugs,,none of that works and eye doctors don't have a clue. I will get my bloodwork done agan and pursue it futher and go to MAYO if that's what it takes. THANKS!!

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Posted by @mybeau12, Aug 13, 2012

Well I am lucky enough, I guess to have a Doctor, that don't rule nothing out, she knew what high prolatin levels could possibly suggest, ordered an MRI, and it was found, sounds like you need to see another Doctor, There is a a Doc in Cali, who is one of the finest Doc in the Tumor industry, It is Called the Skull Institute, and it has in detail what you could be dealing with....I am possibly gonna have my surgery done there, if my insurance allows, if not, i am gonna follow up with the Mayo Clinic, u gotta do your own homework, hit the internet, Research, you gotta be in your own best interest, and not just let the doctors tell you anything, I have a consultation with a Doc in Cali, to have my sitiuation accessed, but this doctor don't play around with just "Treating " it with Meds, he goes in a removed it, and the surgery is real simple just visit the website....get back wit me and tell me what you think, hey and have that MRI or CT scan done immediately


Posted by @kathy108, Aug 17, 2012

Thyroid. Yes Force the issue and request more extensive test. Or see an endocrinologist. Also some of those symptoms could be autoimmune disease.


Posted by @mybeau12, Aug 18, 2012

Yes Kathy, U are so right, i never knew about autoimmune desease untill I hit this blog site....


Posted by @katzee, Nov 4, 2012

Why on earth would you not go back to the doctor sweety? Please go. If you do have a thyroid problem it's so easy to treat. I've had it since age 7 and you just take one little pill a day and it will change your life for the better!

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