Ultraviolet water filter system

Posted by pinkwarrior @pinkwarrior, May 8, 2019

Has anyone installed an ultraviolet water filtration system in their home?

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@pinkwarrior Sue the science nerd here – I know UV light is capable of killing MAC/NTM in air and water under certain conditions. I also know UV systems must have the correct wave lengths (which degrade over time in the bulbs) and require significant regular maintenance to remain effective.
I was unable to find any studies of HOME UV water treatment systems and their long-term effectiveness against NTM or TB. The best I could find was ads or promotional literature by manufacturers, distributors or their associations, which I personally would not rely on in making such a decision.
I would insist on receiving a report from an independent laboratory that tested UV systems over a period of time in home use on water KNOWN to contain NTM or TB prior to treatment. I would also want to understand the frequency and cost of cleaning, light replacement and other maintenance to maintain effectiveness over time, and whether it could be done easily by me, or if I needed to hire a technician to do it.
Home-scale UV water treatment units are a fairly new thing, so be wary of any sales/distributor claims, and ask to see proof before you make the significant investment. It would probably not be a bad idea to have your water tested to confirm you have NTM in it before you take these steps.

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