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Ulcerative Colitis....body/joint pain

Posted by @gracekelley1, Dec 4, 2012

Looking for feedback on anyone who has had a j pouch surgery and been on antibiotics long term. My husband had his colon removed 12 yrs ago and has been on Cipro (high dose) since the surgery. He is now suffering from a complete body pain that is affecting his ability to enjoy life. We have exhusted all of the rheumetology doctors in our town and have even been to Vanderbilt. The doctors all want to point the cause of the pain to the small amount of rectal stump he has that will flare with UC (ending in a hospitaliztion) but no one can come up wth an approach to treat this. Have you been to Mayo for UC? Is FL campus vs. Minnesota campus any better for UC treatment? Hope someone has feedback. We are slowly losing our enjoyment for life.


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