Ulcerative colitis and medullary sponge kidney

Posted by wendyw @wendyw, Dec 14, 2017

Is there anyone else on here who suffers from both these illnesses?

Hi @wendyw,

I was digging through Connect’s discussions, but couldn’t find any Connect member who has ulcerative colitis and medullary sponge kidney disease, simultaneously. We do have members who have shared their experiences with ulcerative colitis on Connect, and I would be more than happy to introduce you to them, if you so wish. May I ask about your son’s progress? Is he doing well with Zoloft?

Thank you for your efforts. At the moment his UC is under control, but we would love to know if it is contributing to his kidney stones. He is still having 8 weekly lithotripsy .
He is still having anxiety and feeling very stressed so he has another appt with his psych on Wednesday.

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