Ulcerative colitis and Covid Vaccine

Posted by naeemdogar @naeemdogar, Sep 19 9:14pm

I am 43 years old male, couple weeks after getting the 2nd shot of Covid vaccine, I started having gas, cramping and couple weeks later rectal bleeding.
It’s been almost 6 months and after several blood, stool and endoscopy tests, still don’t have a definitive diagnosis but my GI thinks I have ulcerous colitis.
Has there been any studies to see if there is any correlation between Covid vaccine and colitis?
Bye the way, I was Covid positive in Jan 2021 with mild symptoms and recovered in a week and then in March I got the Covid vaccine….

Hi @naeemdogar and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sure it is frustrating to not have the answers to the symptoms you are experiencing. I know that patients that have had COVID-19 have complained of gastrointestinal symptoms, but I personally haven't heard of the vaccine causing colitis.

Does your doctor think they are linked or that it is coincidental that your symptoms started shortly after your vaccine?

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