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ulcerative colitis,

Posted by @greciamg, Sep 25, 2012

i just want tips as to what i can and cant eat, a diet maybe , and types of snacks… i need help being able to cope with this. i got diagnosed in october of 2008 and yet still cannot cope with it, its stresful and no fun.also you tend to have other things happen when it flares,,



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Posted by @mouser, Sep 28, 2012

A dietician through your doctors office would be the best person to see about this


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Posted by @littledindy, Oct 8, 2012

A dietician through a dr’s office is the LAST place you want to go. I have started on a regimen just today of a raw, green protein supplement, HSO probiotics, aloe vera jiuce and all organic food. My colitis is so severe, I had two units of blood recently. Am taking the steroids but am seeking a natural way to heal. Has anyone else tried this avenue and how long was it before symptoms improved?


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Posted by @nrkishore, Nov 24, 2012

Trust me only strict diet control can help u . Cut off wheat and any roughage food . Just live on bioyoughurt and rice for few days and pomegranate juice . If that makes difference stay with it till I feel strong . Avoid spices and bread and hard to digest items like meat beef chicken . Eat lots of fish . It’s good to eat fish daily . Try to be as happy as possible . Vsl3 probiotics really works wonders . Google it and find out where to get them and consume for one month and see the difference . Good luck


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Posted by @pamegannp, Dec 18, 2012

“Research has shown that probiotics could suppress the growth and activity of unfriendly bacteria that lead to infectious diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease such as Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, infection with Helicobacter pylori- a bacteria that causes most ulcers and chronic stomach inflammation, tooth decay and periodontal disease, vaginal infections, stomach & respiratory infections that children get in daycare, and skin infections such as eczema.” Source:

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