Ulcer, chronic gastritis, Nissen - Endless stomach problems

Posted by gabigirl26 @gabigirl26, Mar 11, 2019

I can't find my original post so sending this as a general question/second opinion. I have had 3 Nissen Fundoplication repairs to fix a large hiatal hernia that migrated to my chest cavity. The first two came undone within 1 year. The third time they did the repair and also a Wedge Gastroplasty to make my esophogus longer. I have had chronic nausea ever since but dealt with it without many issues. I continued to have to be on reflux meds due to this nausea. Went to a new GI since the past few months swallowing feels difficult or uncomfortable and have been having pain unrelated to eating meals. Hurt with meals and sometimes without. Had an EGD and they saw an ulcer and chronic gastritis. Nissen is in tact. Barium swallow showed no abnormalities. Now i am on meds for the ulcer, increased reflux meds, and on a bland diet until the end of next month when they check on the ulcer again. Has anyone else had this many issues with their stomach? I am starting to feel like it will never be better. It is always something every time. I have had to visit the ER several times for the pain. Any one have thoughts on this? Thanks!!

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Wow! It’s scary to think of having a large amount of your stomach removed. 🙁 But I am glad you seem to be improving! I have an appointment with the surgeon that did my surgery back in 2012. He is concerned about my symptoms. Not sure what he will say. I hope you have a speedy recovery!! Thanks for sharing

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The original Dr that did the Nissen wanted to completely remove my stomach. I got other opinions and found the Dr I went with. He has 30 yrs experience of digestive surgery. He said over time my stomach will stretch and have a more normal stomach. Good luck to you. I hope all turns out well.

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