Type 1 Surprise

Posted by devanab5 @devanab5, Aug 12, 2018

Hi, does anyone on here talk about type 1? I am only seeing stuff about type 2.

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Hello @santina, Welcome to Connect. I'm sorry to hear that your son has type 1 diabetes but I'm glad you found Connect. It's a great place to meet others with similar health problems and learn what they are doing for treatments. I don't have diabetes but have always been told by my doctors that I am pre-diabetic. I'm hoping other members will add suggestions for you but while you wait you might want to see the following discussions:

Video Q&A about Technology Advances in Diabetes Treatment

Mayo Clinic Minute: Advancing technology making Type 1 diabetes management easier

I'm tagging @dawn_giacabazi, @kdubois and @lisalucier to see if they have any suggestions.

@santina after your son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes did his doctors come up with a treatment plan?


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yes, insulin four times per day!


Hi, I have type1and I want to no why the bottom of my feet feels like I'm walking rocks all on the top of my feet. Is there anything I can do.

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Hi @stephania157,
As it has been a while since you last posted, I was wondering how you are feeling. Has the discomfort in your bottom of your feet improved?
Will you post again with an update?


my 16 year old was has type 1, I am seeing two doctors one this week and the other next week. we are going to discuss stem cell, with our doctor next week, Wednesday we are going to talk about the vaccination bcg shot, any thoughts, thank you.

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my son received 3 stem cell shots since last year, as of today he is not taken insulin shots on a daily basis, please make sure your doctor gives you the right stem cells, embryonic, unfortunately in this county we can't get fetal stem cells, there is hope that one day stem cell will lead to a promising future for type 1, good luck,


Santina, my question is, what type of diet does he follow at this time, being a young person exposed to lots of carbs? Dorisena


he don't eat breakfast, I don't like that, however he watches his carbs, mostly chicken, hamburger, some salad wings, some pasta!

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