Do aneurysms cause you to pass out or faint?

Posted by DiannaTV @DiannaTV, Dec 7, 2015

Two months ago I either had a seizure or fainted / passed out while driving and hit the rear end of another car. I am being tested for a possible seizure or for a heart related event that caused me to faint or pass out. I was unconscious for awhile and do not remember anything. I recently began having problems with tachycardia and palpations. My physician put me on a beta blocker which has slowed my heart rate down. I will be wearing a holter monitor for a month to see if I am having any arrhythmias or events that may have caused me to pass out or faint causing me to have the accident. I was in the hospital after my accident because I fractured my back in 2 places. On one of my hospital admissions a X-ray showed I have a “partially imaged 4cm ascending aortic aneurysm”. I will be getting a CT with angiography soon to see the aneurysm. My dad was given a pacemaker in the last year due to him passing out and having arrhythmias. I passed out 2 years ago while standing in my kitchen and I fell backwards causing me to get a concussion. I have some questions ! Does me passing out or fainting sound like it could be heart related..causing me to be unconscious for a period of time..I’m thinking at least 15 minutes ? Does aneurysms cause you to pass out or faint ? Should I not take the beta blocker medication while I am wearing the holter monitor ? Could I have the same cardiac problem my dad was having causing him to get the pacemaker ? Is my aneurysm large enough to be repaired ? Any ideas or opinions on what’s going on with me would be greatly appreciated and welcomed ! Thank you for any ideas or opinions !

These are all great questions for your cardiologist. It is possible that your heart caused your to faint, but that is why they are checking it out so thoroughly. You should ask your cardiologist whether you should continue your meds while wearing the holter. They will have to do more testing to figure out the best way to advise you how to proceed. Unfortunately, they can only figure things out by testing and ruling out. Wishing you the best. Let us know how you do.


I found this on line-“Indications for surgical treatment of thoracic aortic aneurysms (TAAs) are based on size or growth rate and symptoms.”…

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