Posted by mariserodriguez @mariserodriguez, Jun 18 6:38am

How do you treat a persistent cough caused during treatment by possibly the drugs. Covid test was negative.

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Hello @mariserodriguez

I see that you posted your question about a persistent cough under the Infectious Diseases/Tuberculosis discussion. Have you been treated for tuberculosis recently?

If you could provide a little more information about what led to the chronic cough, I will try to connect you with others who can share their experiences with you.

How long have you had this cough?


This is for my son. He is on TB treatment from Health Centre. Just had Covid no badly now negative. However a persistent cough, which makes him vomit after eating has plagued him night & day for 2 weeks


I haven't seen a response on the cough situation. His blood pressure had also increased but has reduced now!

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