Trying to quelch the angst!

Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Feb 18, 2020

Good morning – This has been a very anxious winter for me. I was all set to enjoy our more mild winters in southern RI and get outside more when I started to have one bothersome thing happen after another. I had signed up for an exercise program that I wanted to get back into. However, my rotator cuff was acting up and my trainer wouldn’t let me begin the program until I got clearance from my doctor. Very shortly after that, I experienced a horrible case of vertigo that snowballed into a bout of migraines. Every morning I was having mini-panic attacks and migraines. After 22+ years of lung cancer, I surely didn’t need these added stress factors. I started to search for anything that would help me stay in the present and help me relax. My next CT scan isn’t for another 4 months so I wanted to enjoy those months before I get panicky again. lol Then it seemed that I had one doctor’s appointment after another. I was inundated with illnesses and doctors and tests and blech. I’m an early riser and hit the computer first thing to check on my eagles (I watch the most famous pair of eagles in the world, I then check my email, Facebook and check in with Connect.
This is what I found this AM. A friend of mine posted this on FB. Enjoy!
– Breathtaking Ice Skating Performance – ‘Sound Of Silence’

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