Trying to get back to work

Posted by ihatediabetes @ihatediabetes, Sep 1, 2018

Hi everyone, I have been thinking a lot about getting back to work since my son is out of home now in adult residential services and day program. I don't have to take care of daily supervision. But I still take my son to mayo appointments. I was wondering if people had experience with getting back to work after long time of caregiving. I am signed up for temp work and I got a three week assignment that I am going to accept. Now I have to do all these on-boarding documents on a computer and send them back. You don't actually see real HR people in the flesh. But its very fast and convenient. There seems to be a whole economy out there with people getting temp assignments here and there. I actually like that I can try things out and move to something else after a few weeks. I'm supposed to get some benefits from temp agency like 401k.

I'll be pulling for you and your son, @ihatediabetes during your appointments!


Wishing you the best of everything as you begin this new part of your journey, @ihatediabetes

I look forward to hearing how you enjoy these assignments!

Strength, courage, and peace!

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I went through two weeks of doc review. I like my team. But it is hard to look at computer screen and sit in chair for 8 hours per day. Will re evaluate after this project is done. But I did get one paycheck so far. That's nice.

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