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Triple X syndrom

Posted by @rhonda57 in About Kids & Teens, Dec 17, 2011

My grandaughter was born with triple x.I was wondering if anyone has anybody with this condition. She is a very bright young girl she is 6 she has a few delays with her speech but she is coming along with it she takes speech in school. My concern is she was pulling her hair out but she has stopped and now our concern is she is biting and scratching herself.We are very concern we dont know what to do or where to take or what kind of doctor to see if anyone knows where we could go for advice i would appreciate it..


Posted by @2011simone, Dec 17, 2011

How about a Community Mental Health center in your area?


Posted by @layla, Jan 16, 2012

my granddaughter also has triple x ,she is only 4 months old but it just seems like the doctors don't seem to have many answers . she is a very good baby ,very laid back go with the flow and loves to hear her own voise . at her last doctor appt. they said she needed physical therapy because of low musal tone . is there a chance she will never walk? i just read on another site where a mother of a 20 month old was asking the same thing because her daughter just started crawling . is this normal for so triple x girls ?

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