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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Posted by @irenetwinz in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 11, 2011

Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) has returned and med. - Tegratol is not working. Any thoughts? Thx. Cindy

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Posted by @debo1, Oct 26, 2011

same with me cindy, i have had the surgeries and do not know where to go now. i am on pain pills and tegratol . I am even trying acupunture now.


Posted by @belindam, Nov 9, 2011

Please tell me the type of surgery and where it was done. My close friend is dealing with the excruiating pain but she has "atypical" TN. There are components of hypoglossal involment as well. Any thing you can say will be appreciated.


Posted by @zane, Aug 23, 2012

Same thing - The Mayo site says this is typical. It works for awhile then stops. I'm in that situation now. Hurts to brush my teeth, difficult to eat, can't project my voice ...

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