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Trigeminal Neuralgai

Posted by @hrly, Mar 7, 2012

My pain started in 2003, just as a little tingle. Doc said it was stress. Well the pain just kept going and is still going. I’m not 100% sure TN is the correct diagnosis. I have weird feeling in my chest that feel similar to the face pain, sometimes some tingling in my arms and hands. At times it feels like I have chills all over my body. My head tingles, burns, feels numb. But my pain is constant, not jolting pain. No one understands what kind of torture this pain is. My whole life has changed, and I hate it. My desire to do most anything, well the pain has taken it all away. I have had MRIs, CT scans, labs by the dozen. Been to doctors everywhere with no relief from the pain. Have taken all kinds of meds for whatever this is with no relief from it all. I feel for every single person who has this!!!!!!!



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Posted by @bigred, Mar 7, 2012

Take it to god! He made you and he knows exactly what it is! Ask him to heal you of this and believe that he will! If you have the faith the miracle is there waiting! God bless you


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Posted by @megavitaminman, Mar 20, 2012 And don’t look back!


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Posted by @nomore, Dec 11, 2012

Had surgery. 2yrs ago. have some low pain recently.

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