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Posted by @maryys, Dec 9, 2011

Is there anyone else out there suffering from this disorder?

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Posted by @jaram, Apr 18, 2012

Hello, I to suffer from this disorder. Seven months after my brother died by suicide I began pulling. At first, just one or two and after about a year I was pulling hand fulls at a time. That was 22 months ago. I felt shame, remose, humuliation, anger and many more emotions. I didnt understand why I was doing this. I am trying to quit on my own. It was almost all grown back untill another suicide started me pulling again. It has been one week today since I pulled one. I have found that if I treat it like alcohol and stay away from that first pull, then the compulsion to pull lessens and lessens. I am once again on my way to growing back my hair. I truly understand your frustation and feeling alone. Write any time, perhaps we can encourage each other to win this fight.

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