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Posted by @vapuller in Mental Health, Aug 29, 2011

Just wondering if any of you have trichotillomania?

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Posted by @cja, Sep 1, 2011

My sister does. Do you?


Posted by @ista, Sep 1, 2011

I do. Before treatment for Bipolar (Trich is common among people with Bipolar) I used to search my eyelashes for loose ones and tug them out.

Later I started what I have read is a less common form of Trich, hair cutting. It is a obsession with symmetry apparently. Fortunately I turned out to be good at cutting my own hair -- but I was unable to grow it past my ears for about 20 years. This last year I hit 48 and decided to go to a hairdresser. I went to a very expensive one, explained my problem and we agreed I would grow my hair for one year and I would come in every 6 weeks for what turned out to be my extravagant fabulous brown-blonde hair (I had mostly grey hair previously)

So I grew it out and then came the day for the Big Haircut by this famous hairdresser...he gave me a boring bob. It so disappointing to know I can cut better than he does. About two months later ? threw out my back and was on muscle relaxants that made me very depressed--- I stopped taking them after I marched into the bathroom and reshaped my hair. The cutting felt like a release, so satisfying. I have been trimming my hair for the last 8 months. I go in for the fabulous color and they tsk-tsk, but they do admit I cut well.

So trich is about controlling anxiety or depression, about restoring order in my universe. Some people say it is a form of self-hair. It might be in the more extreme forms. I don't know. Mine seems to be under control-- but I will say I take Lithiium, Depakene and Bupropion, heavy stuff.


Posted by @justme2, Sep 10, 2011

I do, too! I began years ago...(long story). It is really bad right now! Live in WI...Has anyone found a successful treatment?


Posted by @jaram, Sep 26, 2011

mine started 15 months ago


Posted by @jaram, Sep 26, 2011

is anyone here


Posted by @justme2, Oct 10, 2011

Yes, sorry...I don't have time to respond every day/ It is a difficult thing to deal with...been for over 30-years!


Posted by @jaram, Sep 26, 2011

yes, i do


Posted by @jaram, Sep 26, 2011

anyone here to talk


Posted by @lo, Oct 11, 2011 feels good, though once my pain was controlled I lost that loving feeling. It took my mind off of the pain, hard to explain.

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