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trapped gas in armpits-

Posted by @peacemaker, Oct 24, 2017

Has anyone had problems with trapped pockets of gas -painful and when you press on the area you belch within a few minutes and then it travels to mid back and you squeeze your shoulders together and you belch and then it travels to your xiphoid process and sits for a while and you try Maalox, Tums, Zantac 300 and eventually a humongous long belch and it feels like you lost 10 pounds.This process can last all day long! Told this to my doctor and he has never heard of it. This happens a couple times a year -very uncomfortable and annoying. Have not been able to pinpoint what I eat to produce this -it just happens. Is there a name for this? I used to be on PPI’s for ~ 25 yrs and couldn’t be without it 4 days or my insides were on fire burning pain. My mom died of breast/bone cancer and needed an antidepressant to get me thru the holidays and took Bupropion for 4 months and when I stopped taking it I realized my GERD was gone and it didn’t return for 3 yrs-now its a couple times a week only and I do not take meds for it on a daily basis since I found an article connecting long term PPI usage with stomach cancer. Now I only use Zantac or Tums if needed. and of course 7up.Is there a name for this what I call gas gangrene.??


Hello @peacemaker,

Welcome to Connect. I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms – it sounds like you are in a lot of discomfort!
@steeldove, you’ve written about the gut, microbiome, and pain in a previous post; do you have any information that might help @peacemaker?


I would like to add my welcome to Mayo Connect. I am really sorry to hear about all of this discomfort. I have had several surgeries of the upper digestive tract, but these symptoms are new to me.

If you are comfortable sharing more details: how long have you had these symptoms: did they begin after you went off the anti-depressant, etc.

Have you considered getting a second opinion?


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