Transplant is getting closer!

Posted by jodeej @jodeej, Jun 27, 2018

We were at Mayo last week for Tim's 1 year check-up. He is at the top of the list for his liver transplant so they aren't doing anymore chemo for the cancer in his liver and we are just waiting for "the call" now. It is a very exciting, yet scary time. I am still going to go to South Dakota to visit my sister this coming weekend. I need to have some down time before the transplant happens. We have a friend that is in charge of getting him and meeting me part way to Rochester if need be. Fingers crossed that if we put that plan into action that it all works out! 🙂

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Everything will be fine.My Prayers for speedy recovery.Om


@jodeej I will indeed be keeping my fingers crossed for both the transplant opportunity as well as your break in South Dakota. I hope your time there goes off unimpeded and you get your time to get a bit of R&R and reenergize your batteries a bit!

Waiting is a tough part of the game and it is never easy, so I will be really thinking of you all the time!
Take good care!

Strength, courage, peace, and safe travels!

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