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Transient Global Amnesia

Posted by @debera in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 13, 2011

I have had 3 episodes of transient global amnesia and would like to talk with others about it. I have read in some reports that the norm is 3 episodes in 3 years. I came across an article on yahoo today and it said a study showed insufficiency of the valves in the jugular vein.


Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 14, 2011

I'm not sure if you've already seen this information, but there's some web content on Transient Global Amnesia available here: Or if you're interested in traveling to a Mayo Clinic campus for an evaluation, click on the "Request an Appointment" button at the top of the page. Thank you!


Posted by @debera, Oct 27, 2011

Thanks for the info. It can be very scarry.


Posted by @sheshe, Oct 31, 2011

Hi Debra i had an episode in sept and have been fine since. How close together were the episodes? The neuro in th ER is trying to say i had a complex partial seizure but there was no evidence of any seizure. my husband was with me the whole time and I never had any loss of awareness or motor or focal symptoms.My symptoms sound exactly like this web site describes as TGA. It lasted 4 hours then I was fine but they made me stay in hospital 3 days because they couldnt believe it and were determined to give me a seizure diagnosis. now I am fighting this as I still have not had any evidence of seizures!!! I hope you are doing better than I am with that at least.I did go on some supplements omega 3 and 6 vit e calcium magnesium b1 b6 and b12. these are all supposed to improve neurological function. the thing about jugular reflux is interesting and it seems to go along with exertion, like sexual activity[which is what brought on my episode] or exercise. what were you doing before it happened to you?


Posted by @marienancy, Dec 5, 2011

Hello, I have had TGA 3 times. 2005, 2007, and 2009. I'm now 71 years old and healthy. The first time was at a gathering at a funeral of a close friend. The second was after sex and the third was when they were taking my husband by ambulance to the hospital. I have had a blinding headache, so painful, unlike any other, just before the first episode and the second. The loss of memory lasted about 24 hours each time. I never recovered anything that happened during the bulk of that 24 hour period. My husband tells me that I stop complaining of the headache as soon as I go into the amnesia. I ask the same questions repetitively. I can form no new memory during that time. I was hospitalized all three times. Fortunately, for my first episode the neurologist recognized it. Tests were done each time to rule out a stroke, tumor, etc. Now my husband is able to tell them my history. However, I'm told that I repeatedly tell the emergency and medical personel that I have transient global amnesia.

I like really strong coffee and have been a heavy coffee drinker until the last 6 months. I quit totally. I am wondering if others that have had TGA think there may be a connection. Because of the blood vessels in the brain and knowing that you get a headache when you don't have your coffee when you are accustomed to it.

Last night while having sex I got the horrible headache ( talk about a bummer) that did not progress to the amnesia. I put my hands in very warm water to get the blood to go to my hands. My husband says I was confused for about 20 minutes when the pain was excruciating and then I was okay. I took an Advil and fell asleep. So I'm left wondering if the no coffee made a difference. I am also on a low dose of Zoloft. I've wondered about that also.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Posted by Anonymous-aea2070d, Jun 24, 2012

Hello.....I am just back from the ER and an overnight hospitalization. An MRI, echo cardiogram and multiple other tests, including labs, revealed nothing. My cholesterol, CRP and all else checked out exceptionally well. The neurologist diagnosed TGA. In spite of this I feel anxious and emotionally uneasy, tho am reassured by reading the Mayo information. Something obviously triggered it, tho It was preceded by none of the things listed on the Mayo site. The only thing I can think of, since it happened just after an emotionally awkward meeting, is that I was more distressed over the subject and the person I met with than I realized. Any comments anyone?!


Posted by @cjc56, May 14, 2016

I have come across several articles saying the same thing, about the Insufficiency in the Valve of the Jugular vein. What have you found out about them. I have had 2 episodes in a 5 month time span. Would like to find some answers.

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