Sudden decline in dementia and wandering off

Posted by pattyinal @pattyinal, Apr 15, 2020

After being very sick for three weeks with chills, fevers and round the clock hiccups my husband’s dementia has increased drastically. Has anyone else observed something similar? Is this our new normal or is there any hope that he may get back to the milder symptoms? Also, he has started to wander. One day, I found him in the woods next to our house in his socks. He said, “I think I lost my shoes.” Has anyone used a tracking device that you are really pleased with? He is an engineer, actually a rocket scientist, and not easily fooled. I need something that is not obtrusive, not easily removed and doesn’t have to be recharged every day or batteries constantly replaced. If it bothers him, he will not wear it. Is there such a thing?

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@pattyinal it is hard to see the decline, especially when it comes so suddenly. If there is anything I've learned about dementia, it is that there is never a new normal. This may be your normal for a bit and then it will change again, perhaps with encouraging improvements and further declines. It is a beast this disease. You must be exhausted.

Tracking devices were part of the discussion here that @coloradogirl started:
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@gingerw cited this resource listing 10 tracking devices by

I completely agree with you, Patty. Whether dealing with dementia or not, I think we all want devices that are not obtrusive, inconvenient or cumbersome to use. If you can find the right device, do you think your husband might be intrigued and enthusiastic about it given his engineering background or is it unpredictable?

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