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Tracheal Stenosis / Subglottic Stenosis

Posted by @janel, Dec 4, 2012

Hello. I have been diagnosed with Subglottic/Tracheal Stenosis within the last year and have had one surgery to laser remove the excess tissue and balloon procedure to open the narrowing area of my trachea. It took several months to get the proper diagnosis and my surgery was in June 2012. I have started having recurring symptoms and am scheduled to have surgery again in December 2012. I have been trying to find some information online for other options and was curious if anyone has had the same surgery, how long it took before they had the surgery again and/or if anyone has had a reconstruction or stent put in? Also, I am considering making an appt with someone at the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion and was hoping to hear of what experiences, with this type of surgery/procedure/diagnosis, anyone has had.
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Posted by @catana, May 28, 2013

Hi Janel; I have Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis. We have a Facebook support group if you have not all ready joined. It is very helpful! It is for people with Idiopathic and non Idiopathic Tracheal Stenosis

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