trabeculated left ventricle

Posted by jerrishell @jerrishell, Mar 10, 2022

My daughter is 8 and recently diagnosed with PLSVC with absent Right. While reading her report I noticed it said that her left ventricle is mildly trabeculated with normal LV function and an EF of 65%. Is this something I should ask to follow up on? Nothing was mentioned to me. She is now having some mild pericardial effusion just 4 months after her last visit, but also after her second bout of covid so we are going back tomorrow to double check. Any words of advice welcome!

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Hi Jerri Welcome to connect, I can try and tell you what I know about the terms mentioned and at least from an Adult standpoint the ef of 65% is not bad and at least consider normal in an adult. They don't get to concerned until it below 30 and when I was really sick it was at 5. I lived a pretty normal life with it in the 40-50 range and I do known it can get up into the 70s bur 65 sounds pretty good.
Now the other term I'm familiar with is ventricles which are the lower chambers of the heart and doesn't indicate a problem just a location. I had a condition of my ventricles called VT which is Ventricle Tachycardia or rapid heartbeat . But not sure what the reference to trabeculted means. Now the comment about normal LV function is talking about the Left Ventricle and it say normal. I hope that helps a little and maybe be ready to ask what that one term means. I like something a Ultrasound tech told me once typically that can't say what they see and leave it to the doctor. But over time they can tell a serious problem so with my questioning one said "Well if all of a sudden I stop in the middle and run out to get a doctor then worry but other than that your probably not in immediate danger " please let us know what you find out about that one term I looked it up and I still didn't really know what it was saying.

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