Total skin sparing double mastectomy -> Expanders -> Implants?

Posted by yulichka00 @yulichka00, Feb 2 10:45pm

Two years ago I had a double skin sparing mastectomy including removal of some lymph nodes on both sides. During operation I had expanders put in and the Surgeon told me that once I finish my treatment, I’ll be able to get implants. This was all done outside of North America. I went through Chemo & Radiotherapy. And I wasn’t in a rush to get implants, until my body started rejecting my prosthetics because they’re too old. One of my breasts started turning hard & red.

Now in Canada, I saw a Plastic Surgeon a few days ago and he told me that once he removes my expanders, that’s it. He wouldn’t be able to put in implants, because I had radiation and my skin isn’t elastic anymore.

I’m in shock. I don’t know what to do? Has anyone been in that situation? I could use any advice that I could get? Thank you.

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Are you a candidate for DIEP flap?


I know you don't want to but I posted a youtube video Flat & Proud. I've also shared some of my complications with photos of my 2022 mastectomy. IMO we all need to get 2nd opinions and make informed decisions. Best Wishes. You are the Decision maker for your own body.


@yulichka00, I'm sorry to hear that you were not told about the implications radiation can have on reconstruction. This must've come as a blow to you. What options did the surgeon offer?

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