Total hip replacement and Small Fiber Neuropathy

Posted by trishh @trishh, Aug 20, 2021

Have any of you had these together before surgery? Plus knee OA with bone spur? I am to see surgeon this next Thursday and am wondering if my bone on bone hip OA and hip replacement in October, if the OA in knee, which is mild, improves?
I also have back issues which includes scoliosis and wonder if the hip replacement can help.

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Hi @trishh, I have OA in my hips and left knee but have had a total knee replacement done for my right knee. I believe a total hip replacement will eliminate the OA in the hip but won't do much for the knee but I'm not a medical expert. Others may be able to share their thoughts or experience on the topic. Here's an article that provides a little more information that may be helpful.

A Review on the Management of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis:

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