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torus and osteoporosis

Posted by @natfh, Jan 15, 2012

osteoporosis diagonosed in late 1990s, start rolaxafene, then fosamax
torus develops on upper mouth pallette after fosamax reintroduced; fosamax discontinued again
second opinion from Mayo Clinic, Minnesota


Nancy Mc

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Posted by @nancymc, Aug 15, 2012

I took Fosomax for several years and it didn’t help my bone density. Neither Did Forteo (year and a half). The doctors said “Well, at least your bones didn’t get worse!” I went on an alkaline diet, taking no meds . My bone density didn’t get better but it didn’t get WORSE either. Now they want me to take RECLAST. I read the Mayo Clinic report on that stuff – scarey! tons of possible side effects.

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