Tooth pain and PMR

Posted by virginiaj @virginiaj, Aug 4, 2020

I am wondering if anyone has tooth pain related to PMR or GCA.?

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"Jaw pain" is a symptom of GCA. It is an especially important symptom if you have PMR because it can progress to GCA and put your vision at risk. I have never been diagnosed with GCA but have had PMR and have taken prednisone for a very long time.

Prednisone can mask many types of pain which may only appear when you taper down to lower doses. I developed tooth pain once that didn't suddenly appear but was an annoyance for many years before it became more serious. It turned out to be a chronic tooth abscess and was described as massive. The endodontist knew exactly what caused it and said it must have started at least 5 years before it became serious.

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