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Tongue and throat cancer-stage III-radiation treatments: Tips and Advice on adjustments to be made.

Posted by @1fellowoflaws in Cancer, Feb 3, 2012

A newly diagnosed case and I have many concerns about what to expect from the radiation's effects; how to cope and adjust to them. A colon insert is the path I must follow for a while to get nourishment!

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Posted by @1fellowoflaws, Feb 3, 2012

It is my understanding, the tongue is sore: How long? And swallowing becomes difficult. What other conditions of the mouth can be expected to develop?


Posted by @mellynntelusnet, Feb 22, 2012

i also have had 2 friends go through all you arw going through yes sore tongue and swallowing you wont be talking for a wile but dont for get ,y dear we are all not the same some people heal very fast my husband was one of them are you along talk about it but try not to dwel on it please you ever need to talk or need help i would be more than happy to thats what i do for a living for years look after people i have lost 2 husbands was a care giver to both of them take care

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