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Today is a really pain filled day. Lots of fatigue. Meds are

Posted by @callieannbrat in Just Want to Talk, Mar 25, 2012

Today is a really pain filled day. Lots of fatigue. Meds are not helping. The weather is stormy in this Pacific NorthWest.Fibromyalgia is a Pain in my arse.


Posted by @dorothy57, Mar 26, 2012

Totally understand what you are going through right now!! I have always been a very give it my all person and I can't do it any more. I have to take lots of breaks at home while trying to clean house and get things done. Saturdays and Sundays have become just catching up on sleep and resting, that way I can work my full-time job of 44-45 hours a week. This is becoming very hard and will eventually have to work less!. I haven't found any meds that really do the job! I have to take my Lortab, Valium, Motrin for pain and relaxant. I take Fioricet and compazine for the migraines, they were horrible last week!! I hope you will have a better week, remember to takes e breaks!! Take care of yourself!! God bless you!!


Posted by @deborahv, Sep 4, 2012

hi dorothy. i have only read your comment of 5 months ago
i am new to this support on line group.
have you or others found this helpful

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