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To Mayo or not to Mayo?

Posted by @marye33, Mar 13, 2013

I have reached a dead end, I have had 25 years of Gastrointestinal trials. Including UC, surgeries related, hospitalizations! Since 2005 alone I have had 11 abdominal surgeries been near death more or less about 5x. The problem is that I know specific pain in my body is a precursor to major problems b4 tests confirm that anything at all is happening.
For example: my last endeavor was ultimately an absess that killed 9 inches of intestine and all of my organs were sick. Blood work, ultrasound, TWO Ct scans (one of which was not 24hrs b4 exploratory surg), showed nothing. I had been vomiting violently for a week prior. This was in 2010
So here I am again facing similar situation, pain unexplainable, test show nothing, all I can think is when will my body give in to what is going on. The abscess seriously almost killed me, the closest I have been.
I dont want to wait until it is too late, can Mayo help me? How can they help me? How can I get in?
Please any one help!!



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Posted by @anon09364050, Apr 2, 2013

Do you think that responding as soon as possible to your symptoms might help more positively treat your difficulties. I have a relative who can not help herself deal with hurt because her family always denied hurt. She is learning to be aware when she feels hurt. Hopefully, with growing awareness she will better be able to protect herself. … D123


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Posted by @anon27885277, Apr 17, 2013

Mayo can help and don’t wait, why have u not been sooner?

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