Two bumps on each side by clitoris

Posted by gettingadviceanon @gettingadviceanon, May 17 11:20pm

There are bumps on each side of my labia edges by my clitoris. A few days ago me and boyfriend had sex 4 days in a row along with me masturbating by clitoral stimulation to finish, now whenever I wipe over the bumps or touch them it hurts. It also hurts on the inner part of my labia below them but no where else. I was wondering if these bumps and the pain i’m experiencing is normal? as far as i know those bumps have been there my whole life and i just noticed them but this experience has never happened before.

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Do you have a gynecologist or primary doctor? Whenever I get something unusual pop up, I usually contact my primary. I can go there as a walkin and see a PA any day, if I don’t want to wait for an appointment. I’m really sensitive about things, so I like to make sure everything is ok.

Have the places ever been mentioned when you had a pelvic exam?


@gettingadviceanon, has the irritation and pain subsided? Did you contact your doctor?

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