Tension Myositis Syndrome: What helped you?

Posted by janeym @janeym, Aug 22, 2022

Has anyone had experience with Dr John Sarno's book, Healing Back Pain?

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Hi @janeym, Are you referring to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)? Because the majority of people on here are patients just like you, it's important to spell out initials and/or acronyms so other members can better understand the nature of the conversation and engage with you! 🙂

Are you having chronic back pain? Have you had a chance to read the book?

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Hi@amandaa, I have had constant headaches for nearly 9 years (this June). I believe I have Tension Myositis Syndrome for which there seems to be NO medical cure. I believe I've tried nearly all of them. You mention Transcrainal magnetic Stimulation, which as I understand is believed to stimulate the creation of dopamine and other make-you-feel-good neurotransmitters. Are you aware of whether that type of therapy (the magnetic stimulation) might help with Tension Myositis syndrome? I am considering that now and would like any input you (or others) may have.


I am at 15 months post lumbar fusion surgery. L2,3,4 and laminectomy at L4,5. The surgery was deemed successful.
I experienced return of pain/weakness/
imbalance and feet neuropathy.
All of the TMS details seem to describe me.
Can TMS treatment help me even after surgery? My spinal stenosis was there for a long time. Am I facing permanent nerve damage?

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