TKR and over active scar tissue growth

Posted by doodles418 @doodles418, Mar 16, 2019

I had bilateral TKR on Jan 7th. Prior to surgery I was very active and began my "training" for TKR on Nov 1st. I worked out nearly everyday doing the exercises plus strength training on my upper body for using the walker. Surgery went well and I returned home. It is not for everyone to do bilateral but my surgeon and I discussed it and decided that I'm 61 in good health with a low BMI and should have a good recovery. I started my home routine of exercises plus PT 2X weekly at clinic. Things were progressing up until 4 weeks when the ROM was seemed to stall. I told therapy that from my hand surgery last year that they said I created scar tissue like crazy, above normal and this concerned me with the knees. We continued on the 2X weekly PT and I ramped up my home workout. At my 6 week check with surgeon I was not getting anything above 90 degrees on my bend with both knees because of scar tissue adhesion's. I had to go back in Feb 25th for the dreaded MUA (manipulation under anesthesia). This did increase my ROM, but it appears scar tissue is becoming an issue AGAIN, no matter the PT. Does anyone know of ANY methods to combat scar tissue? Has anyone had these same problems? Is there laser therapy? I would appreciate any insights or suggestions.

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My replacement and a couple years later a reconstruction each ended with a lot of scar tissue and just about 30 ROM. Even with 6 months of therapy. I've googled "scar tissue" and found that there are non surgical choices. Now I will study them.


Hi @doodles418 – Welcome to Connect! I'm so sorry to hear about how scar tissue is impeding your recovery. I had a left TKR on Jan 29 and I know from experience how draining the recovery can be – especially with all of the PT. I am fortunate that I didn't have the issue of excessive scar tissue, but I've read about a number of people here on Connect who have had to deal with it. I'm wondering if you are using acupuncture, or water therapy in addition to your mainstream PT? I've been doing acupuncture twice a week and I think it helps with the pain. Tomorrow I'm planning to renew my membership at a health club that offers water therapy. I was in the pool this weekend and really "remembered" how good it feels to be able to move in the water without the normal impediments.

Here is a thread you might want to check out. Best of luck with your continued progress.

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