Tips for Parents/Guardians Quarantined with LGBTQ+ Children

Posted by Ayesha, Alumni Mentor @ayeshasharma, Mar 31, 2020

Trans entrepreneur Marli Washington had a fantastic post sharing tips and activities for parents and guardians quarantined with queer children that I'll share with you all below.

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Here it is! Note that not all of these suggestions (such as going for a hike/walk) are feasible for everyone given different quarantine circumstances particularly in different parts of the world and if you're self-quarantining. I have family and friends in South Africa and India who are not able to go for a walk/hike in their current lockdown circumstances.

But this post is awesome and thought-provoking for those who find themselves in this situation, whether they are the parent or the child.

Wishing everybody good health and peace of mind.


Thank you for this list. It does provide some good and novel ideas for kids quarantined at home.


@fiesty76 I'm glad to hear you found it helpful!

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