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tinnitus AND vertigo

Posted by @himagain, Jan 5, 2012

A quick summary of what I’ve learned to date:
My combination is common. Spasmodic vertigo when bending. Ringing in both ears, sometimes – rarely – will be mercifully absent for a day or so.
I did have a neck injury fifty years ago and there is thickening at the top of the spine.
I had a stroke some five years ago, but research suggests I had a “mild” one one 30 years ago.
My tinnitus is luckily, like listening to the sea, so while annoying is not a squeal or similar!
It absolutely gets much worse when I am upset. May I repeat? It gets much worse when I am upset!!!
I would like to hear from others who may have this experience – or haven’t thought about it to date….
I know of three other people with tinnitus/vertigo combination who also have a persistent (years) dermatitus condition which appeared around the time of the tinnitus/vertigo.
My theory now is that I was sidetracked by the physical injury and the main cause is mental – or nicely put – nervous in origin. ALL of my problems started with the “catastrophic” failure of my business …….. 30 years ago.


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