Time limit for Temazepam: doctors vs. counselors and literature

Posted by mike_in_uc @mike_in_uc, May 25, 2019

Time limit for Temazepam: doctors vs. counselors and literature
Who is right? Tamazepam literature says to use it no more than 2 weeks, but some doctors don't seem concerned using it for weeks or months, and some bloggers report multi-year use. It sounds dangerous to stay on it very long, and dangerous to come off it. What to do?

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When I first started taking antidepressants decades ago I was told that the medicine was tested and approved by the FDA for short term usage. However it was discovered that short term did not cure the depression and so doctors kept prescribing it. As my doctor said, we were all guinea pigs finding out what long-term use would do. I have been using them all these years. Doctors are allowed to prescribe for other than approved usage. It is up to the patient to consult with their doctor and decide which way to go with the medicine. You can ask if there are any studies that have been made on this drug's long-term use or if he has experience with prescribing it long term.

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