Time change for NYU Langone Patient Program 11/8

Posted by becleartoday @becleartoday, Nov 6 8:32am

Hi everyone,

Have you signed up for the NYU Langone Bronchiectasis and NTM patient program on Wed 11/8/2023?

•In person: 3:00 PM ET- 6:00 PM
•Virtual: 4:00 PM ET- 6:00

If you haven’t signed up yet, there might still be time.

Email Marla.Hymes@nyulangone.org

Interested in more discussions like this? Go to the MAC & Bronchiectasis Support Group.

I misses it…. Is anywhere I can watch a replay of some sort.


No worries! It usually takes NYU about a month to edit it and get it out to us. I’ll post it when it’s available. Linda

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