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Tightening pain in ribcage, neck and collarbone areas, after stroke

Posted by @mcool in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 30, 2011

Since leaving the hospital 07/11, after stroke ,experiencing a tightening or gripping pain/feeling mainly to the left of my chest on the left side, as well as in the collarbone sometimes, and recently in the neck .had acute rehab, physical and speech, I had MRIs and CTscans of both head and abdomen/chest up to last week, I have no disabilitiesand am still doing PT to strengthen my left side, but I cant seem to get rid of this tight, grippingpain/feeling. I also had an EEG, EVERYTHING is FINE. Taking Lyrica 75mg 3x daily, and other heart meds (Had AFIB) that resulted in stroke. Am fine otherwise, but it seems as though my skin needs to be stretched to accommodate the area. Sometimes when this happens, my left leg and hand shake as well, and I tend to feel a bit dizzy and weak when this episode is at its worst. Other times it is tolerable. I am out of my mind as to what is causing this, and wonder if there is no medication or therapy for it. It's not my heart, and I am not having seizures, as the results show. Is anyone out there having or had this problem ? It would be heartening to know, and ithere is any cure or solution I would be happy to learn about it. Thanks so much , Mcool.


Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 14, 2011

Hi Mcool - I’m not sure if you’ve already seen this information, but there’s some web content on Recovery After Stroke available here: Or if you're interested in traveling to a Mayo Clinic campus for an evaluation, click on the "Request an Appointment" button at the top of the page. Thanks

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