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thyroid or something?

Posted by @strongenough2011 in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Jul 6, 2011

Hoping someone can offer me some advice here.....

I have been dealing with whatever is going on in my body now for 7 months. It all started back towards the end of Dec 2010. By the begining of Jan 2011, I started loosing weight. My glands in my neck begin to swell, my skin itches so bad that sometimes I have to take Benedryl to help. Now fastforward to July, I have lost almost 7 pounds (I only weigh 90 pds right now, started at like 97-98 pds 5'0.) The glands that are now swollen have spread to under my arms, and my bikini area. I get these cramps in my stomach (had a hysterectomy 2 years ago) and get bloated after eating.

I went to an endocronologist in March and he was no help. He did a thyriod scan of my neck which showed a small nodule (hyperochoic), a ct scan which showed small "probably" bengin lymph nodes all through my neck. He refused to do a bioposy due to the nodlue being so small so he sent me elsewhere.

Middle of May I went to a thyroid specalist who told me it may be my thyroid and it just quit or something. So at the begining of June she did an ultra sound of my neck, told me that she did not see the thyroid nodlue anymore but on the ultra sound report she clearly states a .6 cm something in my right lobe area. Her indication is a cervical adneopathy and recommened a bioposy.

Since this appt, she has now told myprimary that she thinks it is Hashmotosis thyroiditist but given that I have dealt with this for almost 7 months, for further evualtaion be done. He refused saying that I just need to take an asprin for the next 3 months and come in again to re evaluate my thyroid levels.

As you can imagine this frustrates me. My thyroid levels are fine (armour thyroid for hypothyriod for about 2 years), Since I am still loosing weight and having the itchy skin and now with they lymph nodes swelling more, I am very concerned.

Any suggestions????


Posted by @ladawki143, Jul 7, 2011

Have you been to Mayo about this?


Posted by @strongenough2011, Jul 7, 2011

i have emailed them to set up an appt. My husband thinks I am jumping the gun so to speak before I get a diagnosis. Where I live, it seems like all the dr's just really don't care and what to put a bandage over the problem hoping it will go away. This has been going on now for 7 months.

Any suggestions???


Posted by @ladawki143, Jul 7, 2011

Yeah, I couldn't get a diagnosis with my GI-related condition for 2.5 years from doctors where I live, and I had HAD it. All I regret is not going to Mayo about 2 years sooner. Everyone had been telling us to go to Mayo in Rochester, and I guess we were hoping the problem would mysteriously go away. It took Mayo 2 days to diagnose me... which makes me angry at the doctors here who couldn't give me an answer for years. It's great you're going, and I'm sure you won't regret it. Just gotta make it until you get there.


Posted by @strongenough2011, Jul 9, 2011

If you don't mind me asking, what were you diagnosied with?

I had an appt yesterday with another endocronologist. He said that I didn't have Hashmotoists thyroiditist and didn't know why the other dr even suggested it. He said that it could be possibly related to my thyroid but he also mentioned lymphoma. Said that my glands were to small for that right now, he would keep a watch on them and if I wanted abioposy done, then he would do it. Is going to send to another ENT to see what he thinks. Obsiviously if the man suggested lymphoma and pet scan in the same sentence then why hadn't he made arrangements for that already!!!!

Mayo called back, they are booked till Aug so I am on the waiting list for it. UGH!!!

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Posted by @zemmiphelia, Jul 13, 2011

Sounds like an autoimmune disease.


Posted by @suthrnkisses, Jul 17, 2011

My suggestion to you is find a doctor that knows ow to be a doctor and drop the quack.There are alot of doctors who do the take aspirin and come back in 3 months routine,those are the ones who need no patients.They are like if i don't know what it is then no one else does.


Posted by @ingram, Jul 27, 2011

Strong enough, I read you loud and clear. Just two weeks ago I had the same kind of diagnosis from my endocrinologist - a nodule in my thyroid, "probably" benign. I have an appt. on Aug 8th for the biopsy. After that I will be able to comment to you more helpfully. Right now there is nothing I can say except "hang in there" and I hope that you find some help in the other responses you are receiving. I will make contact with you after Aug 8th.



Posted by @strongenough2011, Jul 31, 2011

Thanks for the reply. Since the email, I go to get a biopsoy done tsi tuesday, aug 2nd. The ENT that i finally went to said that he was going to check for cancer. Told me that he couldn;t tell me 100% uit was or was not. At least he is going to check which more than waht i can say for the rest of them!

Please let me know how yours goes and I will keep you up dated on mine 🙂


Posted by @ingram, Aug 3, 2011

I certainly will Strong. Six more days to go. BTW have you experienced any change in your voice since you started having these troubles?

Your weight loss is mysterious and troubling You certainly need another opinion. You may be feeling comfortable with your Internist but you should not hesitate to dump him if he is not being communicative or knowledgeable or helpful to you. I had to do this with mine. Long story.


Posted by @strongenough2011, Aug 3, 2011

well i had the bioposy done yesterday. I am very sore! Tender but not to bad. Voice rest for the next 3 days which is hard with children. He took out a node the size of a finger tip, don't know how big that is right now. Results in 1 to2 weeks. He didn't say anything bout my throat or lungs.

To answer your question, yes, I have a horse voice sometimes. It comes and go and I have trouble swallowing which is why he checked my throat. Makes me wonder about thyroid cancer but the only way to know is by having this done.

Good luck with yours. Please let me know. Do you have an alternative email? Mine is Would love to keep in touch with you.

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